As the Associate Dean and MBA Director here at China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), it is my pleasure to welcome you to the MBA Class of 2023!

Over the years, CEIBS has established a strong reputation as a world-class business school that develops responsible leaders who are well-versed in China depth and global breadth. What sets us apart from other global business schools is our strong grounding in mainland China. A CEIBS MBA is an invaluable asset for a business & management career to which China is highly relevant.

What can you look forward to on the CEIBS MBA?

First, you will have an intellectually stimulating and demanding academic programme on offer. You will be exposed to the classic and cutting-edge management ideas that feature in a top business school, while reflecting on them with a mix of case studies that reflect the school’s unique China Depth, Global Breadth philosophy. You will start with a set of a core subjects from highly qualified and committed faculty that help you develop a set of shared concepts and vocabulary with your peers. This will provide a foundation for the further knowledge that you can add to through elective courses in subsequent terms.

Second, you will have opportunities for fun and value-adding activities outside the classroom. Participating in student clubs, taking leadership positions on the student committee or serving as a student ambassador, are just a few of the possibilities on offer. This will give you scope to connect with and hear from industry experts in China, and learn about industries or careers of interest. Importantly, these activities help you to create memories and form close friendships that last well beyond your time at the CEIBS campus.

Third, if you work hard and proactively pursue (and even create) opportunities, you will be able to leverage the many resources that the school has to transform students’ careers. Even during the challenging period that resulted from the pandemic, the Career Development Centre worked hard to generate job possibilities for our students in mainland China, which led to a placement rate of over 90%. For students with the right fit, and willingness to be proactive, this is an MBA that will add great value to managerial and entrepreneurial careers to which China is highly relevant.

So, come with high – and the right – expectations. This is a rigorous and demanding programme. As ever, what you put into your campus life – both within and outside the classroom – will have a direct impact on what you get out of your CEIBS MBA. You will need to bring your ‘A game’ to your studies, extracurricular activities and career development efforts. And if you do so, when you graduate in 2023, you’ll be looking back on 12 or 18 of the best months of your life.


Prof. Shameen Prashantham
Associate Dean and MBA Programme Director
China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)